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See the GTX600 and Digital Line equipment in action by clicking below for our videos that explain what you can expect from a demo. Whichever option you choose, a rep will walk you through the features and changes that make this new upgraded system the perfect fit for mass production operations. Or, if you prefer to discuss a demonstration that is more personalized to your needs, please fill out the form, and one of our team members will be in touch with you to schedule a meeting, whether at a tradeshow, our facilities, or another facility near you.

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Here to change the game in mass production printing

  • Brother GTX600 Features Tour

    Take a tour of the features of Brother's DTG printer engineered for mass production of digitally printed on demand garments - GTX600. Using 5th generation industrial print heads, a solid steel base, integrated humidifier, industrial maintenance station designed for 24/7 printing and other operator friendly tools... the GTX600 printer provides a solution for print shops that produce a minimum of 5,000 shirts per a month.

  • Industrial Print Heads

    The GTX600 mass production DTG printer uses the 5th generation of industrial piezo print heads from Brother. GTX600 uses four print heads that have a total of 16 ink channels to delivery high quality prints at production level print speeds. These print heads have an integrated cooling fan that allow print shops to print large size designs 24/7 and minimize the amount of maintenance (cleanings) that are needed to cool down the piezo plate.

  • Advanced Bulk Ink System

    The GTX600 printer incorporates an advanced bulk system that provides the printer with ink in the ideal state for producing bright, high quality prints 24/7. All inks are filtered and degassed before going to the pressurized sub tanks. GTX600 also has a white ink circulation system that agitates the white ink in the ink tanks before recirculating in the four main sections of the printer.

  • Engineered for Production

    Engineered and constructed for meeting the demands of 24/7 prints shops, the Brother GTX600 printer is built ground up for mass production print shops. A heavy duty industrial base complete with precision platen transport system for precise, continuous printing. Even with its massive size (over 1600 lbs), the GTX600 can be easily moved around with industrial casters.

  • Installation & Training

    Set your team up for success with personalized installation, hands-on training, and ongoing support to help you get up to speed and get to know your GTX600.

Have questions about expanding your operation?

Speak to an Industrial DTG Specialist today to see if the GTX600 and Digital Line is the right fit for your goals and current business operation. They will also help you figure out the projected ROI, and suggest additional equipment configurations as well as environmental specs needed to make sure your space can accommodate the equipment.

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