Maximize production, minimize labor with an all-in-one DTG Solution

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All-in-one DTG Solution

The cornerstone to a total DTG solution

Seamless automation that can scale to your needs, intelligent operating systems, and less downtime means that GTX600 printers are here to help you build up your business.

Scales to your needs

Create a pod system that can expand as your business grows

As orders increase, scale up your production.

Expand your business

Maximize production, minimize labor with Digital Line all-in-one pretreatment solution

Virtual demos available.

Pretreatment Solution

A winning combination for mass production

With the new GTX600 and the Digital Line DL1000 running in tandem, you can have a swift, orderly, and effective mass production operation with just a few people. With a barcode scan of each item, the Digital Line customizes the pretreatment process per each garment to create the ideal foundation for high quality, vibrant prints. And with faster print speed* and an intelligent platen system of GTX600, you can print on a variety of different products with ease. Click the button below to learn more in our brochure.

Single Operator, total DTG solution for mass production shops.

By integrating Digital Line with GTX600 printers, you can create an effective mass production operation with just a single operator. With a barcode scan of each item, the Digital Line customizes each step in the process per each garment.

The One Step Pretreatment Solution

Digital Line

  • All in one pretreatment solution
  • Up to 190 pieces per hour
  • Decrease labor cost through automation
Digital Line

Synergy Pretreating Unit

  • Built in versatility with three different widths spray nozzles
  • Designed with a 16” x 20” pretreat/printable area
  • Quick and easy spray head replacement
Synergy Pretreating Unit

Firefly Conveyor Dryer

  • Ample 27” x 45” chamber
  • Constant monitoring with thermal camera system
  • Instant temperature changes during operation
Firefly Conveyor Dryer

Heat Press Unit

  • Full-sized 16” x 20” heating element
  • Lower platen pneumatic lift
  • Rotating, non-stick upper cover
Heat Press Unit

GTX600 Printer

  • Mass production DTG printer
  • Up to 6 industrial print heads
  • Intelligent platen height system
  • Built-in humidifier
GTX600 Printer

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