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For nearly 20 years, Brother has worked with companies of all sizes to get them the equipment, systems and strategies they need to be successful. With every iteration of our products, we are answering our customer pain points, seeking to set them up for success as they expand. The new GTX600 is made for Mass Production printing, with speed, adaptability, vibrancy and accuracy to accelerate your business to new heights.

Sucess with Digital Line

"This single machine will do what it takes four to five other people in the old model of the pod"

Jeff Meilander, Redwall

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  • Brandon Lee, VA Shirts

    "You can slam these printers all day and, they just print non-stop."

    Brandon Lee, VA Shirts

  • Jeremy Katty, Tee Shirt Palace

    "The fact that Brother was able to automate the process is the reason we went with Brother."

    Jeremy Katty, Tee Shirt Palace

  • Joe Chase, Inkpressions

    "We now have the ability to say yes to any size order."

    Joe Chase, Inkpressions


Making a Major Impact for Business Owners

  • Spreadshirt expands its business with 45 GTX's

    A lot of people assume that DTG is just for one-offs and short runs, but Spreadshirt is proving something different. With 45 GTX printers in pod systems, this T-shirt company capable of getting 100s of shirts printed and out the door every day.

    To learn more about how you can take your high-volume shop Direct to Garment, visit: brotherdtg.com/production

  • Inkpressions combines GTX with Synergy+Firefly

    Take a look into a fully automated DTG shop that has multiple GTX printers and a Synergy+Firefly system. This full-service garment decorator also has automated screen presses, multi-heads of embroidery, wide format dye sublimation and in-house cut-and-sew manufacturing.

  • Watch as SunFrog transforms with Brother

    Can you switch from screen printing to direct to garment and still have a booming t-shirt business? That's exactly what SunFrog did. See how they made a complete conversion in just three years.

  • Tee Shirt Palace Talks Brother GTX

    The Tee Shirt Palace credits Brother equipment with giving his company the ability to get shirt orders out in one to two days, while maintaining the level of quality his customers demand. He says, "I believe that thanks to Brother, production wise, we have the fastest, most efficient way to get shirts printed and out the door."

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