Use the Software Development Kit to connect your inhouse production software

Software Development Kit Screen

Incorporate barcoding technology for quick and easy quality control

Scanning Barcode

Create proper settings for each individual garment

Software Development Kit Settings

Output shipping labels in conjunction with your production

Creating Shipping Labels

Automation Tools to manage your workflow

Brother makes it easy to track orders, connect systems, control quality and increase output with automation tools and systems built specifically for your GTXpro B set up.

Production DTG Workflow

Download our automation flowchart graphic


Software Development Kit (SDK)

Integrate automation into your internal workflow with Brother’s Software Development Kit

Our SDK allows you to:

  • Automate the process of creating a proprietary ARXP file. An ARXP file is a machine-ready file that GTXpro B reads to receive all of the print settings.
  • Send data via USB or LAN connection.
  • Remotely shut down a print if there is an issue or if your quality control team determines the current print is less than ideal.
  • Remotely trigger a White Circulation or Print Head Cleaning procedure.
  • Get a status update to see what action the printer is performing at a given moment.
  • Retrieve a log data file to be able to obtain production data.
Computer monitor

Contact us at [email protected] to get more information about Brother's software development kit.

Solutions beyond SDK integration

Brother has multiple third-party partners that can provide solutions to manage your GTXpro B printer, or the entire decorating process (artwork creation, pretreat, curing, and/or shipping processes).


Complete color management and production workflow solution

Specifically designed drivers, color profiles and tool sets to leverage the advanced printing functionality of your GTXpro B. More than RIP software, CADLink’s handling of white ink is unique to any RIP provided today.

Brown Digital Linx

Control system integration

Control the whole production process with one resource. Integrate with your online shopping cart, set your pretreat and curing parameters, create an ARXP file, and manage it all with a single barcode. Then connect with your shipping software.

PulseID Workflow

Receive orders from many sources, including E-commerce platforms and ERP systems and drive orders through all production processes. Built-in stations allow you to track order status through picking, pretreatment, printing, drying, grouping, packing, and shipping. Automatic creation and extraction of ARX files for Brother DTG printers.

Brother at your side

An industry leader in the DTG market since 2005.

Over the years, Brother has earned a reputation for being At Your Side with high-volume print solutions.

  • We are dedicated to providing service that satisfies the unique challenges of your business.
  • We have a comprehensive technical support team that is trained to troubleshoot any problem that may arise with your printer.
  • We have a myriad of external resources to help you learn more about your purchase and become better versed in the nuances of DTG Printing.
2 Year Limited Warranty Badge

We provide a 2-year limited, 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty* for your GTXpro B printer.

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